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Remote control

KRL Watchdog is the first domestic energy monitoring system specifically designed for remote monitoring of Power Factor Correction system. 2020 was a year when IT solutions became a priority. It made people's lives easier and help them get the information they need quickly and securely, without face-to-face meetings. The KRL Watchdog remote monitoring system is a milestone in the operation of industrial PFC system and helps to remotely monitor equipment anywhere, anytime. The new product meets the requirements of the modern age, promoting digitalisation in the industrial PFC market. During its development, we created the KRL Watchdog web software, which is accompanied by a mobile phone and tablet application.

Power Factor Correction system plays a significant role in the economical use of electricity and efficient energy supply. The capacitors in the equipment are critical components of low/medium voltage electrical networks. Our development enables customers operating PFC equipment to remotely monitor the equipment by monitoring real-time data. Users can be immediately notified of any fault signals, avoiding energy losses and wasted energy costs associated with PFC equipment failures.

Remote control

How does the KRL Watchdog remote monitoring system work? 

  • At the heart of the system is the WD Communication Module, which records data inside the PFC system and transmits it to the WD cloud over an encrypted channel. The communication module is connected to the network via Ethernet or GSM.

  • Thanks to the cloud-based technology, users can access the data and signals measured by the PFC system anywhere, anytime.

  • The customer experience is completed in the KRL Watchdog web-based software. Once logged in, they can check the results of the PFC in a user-friendly interface.

  • We have also developed a mobile phone and tablet app for the system, which can be downloaded free for Android and iOS devices.

Why use KRL Watchdog?


  • Sending notifications and error messages to user devices
  • Continuous monitoring of the operating time and switching number of capacitor stages and detection of faulty stages
  • Continuous power factor measurement to verify proper operation of the equipment
  • Real-time and historical display of measurement data illustrated on graphs


  • Remote monitoring of equipment by KRL service engineers
  • Indication and recording of maintenance cycles
  • Recording of service dates and repairs
  • Optimisation of maintenance costs
  • Immediate intervention possible in case of emergency
  • Fault prevention by monitoring stored data
  • Remote intervention, carrying out operational tests


  • Continuous measurement and storage of electrical data measured by the PFC system
  • Immediate reporting of breakdowns
  • Fast bug fixing and operational safety

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