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Our company has been operating in the power industry for almost 30 years and has managed to become one of the most successful manufacturers in the Hungarian market of high current Power Factor Correction System. Our equipment provides energy savings and efficient operation for large industrial consumers. In addition to reactive energy compensation, we also provide engineering services to our customers in the fields of energy management consulting, energy measuring and energetic informatics. We also provide significant service activities in Power Factor Correction and harmonic filters for factories and plants nationwide. We aim to increase the sales of our products and services beyond the borders of Hungary. As well as to further strengthen the KRL brand in both domestic and international markets.

We offer energy management solutions for different professional sectors:

1. For electric designers

For industrial desiners, we can provide design assistance, literature and professional advice on the optimal sizing of PFC for large electricity-using industrial investments.

2. For electrical contractors

For general contractors who have enough other work to do, we can supply and install equipment, relieving them of a less usual task.

3. For operators

For operators of large energy-using installations, we provide maintenance and service to help them achieve peak performance from their energy-saving PFC system.

4. For energy specialists and energy auditors

Using our professional measuring tools and equipment, we provide fast and accurate analysis, concrete recommendations and professional implementation to help energy specialists.

5. For end-users

By using our equipment, you can not only reduce your electricity costs but also achieve more efficient energy use and reliable operation.

Our achievements

During our almost 30 years of market presence, KRL Kontrol Kft. has become one of the most successful manufacturers of Power Factor Correction system on the Hungarian market. In our manufacturing plant we have produced more than 11 000 pieces of Power Factor Correction equipment. Among our customers we can honour the largest domestic and foreign companies, public institutions, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals and many other large consumers. Thanks to our quality policy and professionalism, we have received numerous awards and recognitions.

Our philosophy

Our aim is to ensure that the KRL Kontrol brand name, recognised in Hungary, always meets the values it stands for: high quality, careful construction, a constant focus on the customer's expectations and needs, and efficiency. We want to make the KRL Kontrol brand even better known in our neighbouring countries. We believe that in this field, nothing is more important than professional relevance and reliability.

Our quality policy

KRL Kontrol Kft. is committed to meeting the technical and quality requirements agreed with the customer, in compliance with the relevant legal and standard requirements. Our main objective is to enable our company to fully understand and meet our customers' requirements through an effective and continuously improved quality management system. KRL Kontrol strives to prevent quality problems by identifying its activities, taking a process-oriented approach, setting up a system, defining control levels, providing resources, and establishing stable working relationships with subcontractors and partners. All our employees are responsible for the professional implementation of their activities and the achievement of our objectives.


Value and Quality Award

The outstanding professional work of our measurement team was rewarded at the Parliament.


The 10000th KRL equipment has been sold

We have reached a milestone with the sale of our 10000th KRL reactive compensating equipment.


Hungarian Grand Prix Award

Our RT-type PFC product line has received outstanding professional recognition. The award ceremony took place at the Parliament.


The number of our services are expanding

Energy quality assessment of the electricity networks has been started. Our measurement service is carried out with high value analysers and experts.


We start the production of detuned capacitors

Keeping up with technological progress, we were among the first in Hungary to start ..


1000. Power Factor Correction system has been sold

Our custom-designed PFC system has quickly become popular in Hungary



László András Kropkó launched the enterprise

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