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Thermal camera measurement

Overheating caused by improper connection of cables and busbars, loose connection points can lead to premature failure of components and in extreme cases to electrical fires.

Thermal imaging measurements can detect these types of problems at an early stage and prevent it from spreading further, thus preventing more serious damage.

Thermal camera measurement

The process is fast and non-intrusive, requiring no power outage which is often difficult to achieve. 

The time spent on maintenance after the measurement is carried out is also greatly reduced, as the work is focused only on the faulty joints. Our specialists use premium quality thermal cameras to take measurements and provide detailed reports. 

Our company is equipped with VarioCAM® infrared camera, which allows contactless temperature measurement.

The thermal image automatically displays the lowest and highest temperature points. The radiation factor of the displayed measuring points can be changed individually. Horizontal and vertical temperature profiles can be displayed. Flexibly definable isotherms allow easy evaluation of the image.

Measurement documentation includes the thermal images taken, with an evaluation of the errors detected and a professional opinion on how to solve the problem.

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