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Power Quality Analysis

We are proud to say that the number of orders for the power quality measurement service have been constantly growing over the past 10 years. Our successful service has gained national reputation thanks to continuous improvements, using premium quality equipment, constant training and the expertise of our engineers. Constant improvements are needed to meet the new challanges.

Thanks to our measurements, we can accurately size the equipment to be installed for a power factor correction project , check the transformer power demand and identify the causes of disturbances in the network.

Power Quality Analysis


  • Fast and efficient 
    Our engineers will arrive within  few days after ordering to install the measuring instrument, whether you are in Budapest or in other location.
  • Control measurement for electrical power supply accroding to MSZ EN 50160 standard
    Our measuring instruments can measure and control electrical power supply according to the standard. Our engineers install the measuring instrument after setting the parameters in accordance with the standard, and the results are also evaluated.
  • We provide a report of our measurements to meet all requirements
    All measurements are summarized by our engineers in an understandable and transparent report. The measurement report always highlights the purpose of the measurement and provides the basis for our recommendations. From the measurement data, we also draw diagrams of the measured and tested electrical parameters.
  • Qualified and experienced engineers evaluate the measurements
    Our technical manager is a lecturer at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He has more than 10 years of professional experience and has been involved in more than a thousand network analyses. Under his professional leadership, our team performs all investigations to an outstanding technical standard. The engineers involved in the measurements are continuously trained and have the right qualifications.
  • We use premium quality analysers and measuring instruments
    We are using premium HIOKI analysers with valid calibration for measurements, which meet the highest professional standards. Among these, we have the top of the range PQ3198 analyser. We offer the unique possibility to measure up to 15 measuring points simultaneously.


  • Reactive power analysis for sizing PFC equipment

  • Analyzing harmonic currents and voltages for the selection of harmonic filters

  • For general power quality testing to increase equipment uptime

  • Effective power and current measurements to determine peak loads

  • Checking electricity consumption, determining correct meter reading 

  • Voltage quality testing according to MSZ EN 50160 

  • Power quality testing in case of unexpected failures, malfunctions

  • Measurement of power surges and voltage drops

  • Lighting tests, flicker measurements 

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