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KRL-RT type wall-mount capacitor bank for grids low in harmonics (5 kvar - 150 kvar)

KRL-RT type capacitor banks guarantee a compact and safe technical solution for reactive power compensation

Efficient power factor reducing in a compact wall-mounted cabinet. Including premium PFC capacitors from the german Electronicon GmbH, whose explosion-proof, high voltage and temperature tolerant capacitors are recognised worldwide. Thanks to the various protection mechanisms (self-healing, overpressure cut-off protection) and many years of manufacturing experience, the manufacturer's MKP, MKPg and MKP UHD capacitors guarantee reliable, long-term and accident-free operation.

KRL-RT type wall-mount capacitor bank for grids low in harmonics (5 kvar - 150 kvar)

KRL-RT type benefits and field of application

Why you should choose KRLs RT device?

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Wall mounting option
  • To reduce power factor and improve system efficiency
  • Efficient reactive power compensation
  • To reduce energy losses for fast ROI
  • Choosable top or bottom side connection options
  • Protection: IP 20, IP54 on request
  • German quality, premium capacitors
  • Fuse swich disconnetctors for each step
  • Power supply transformer 
  • Hungarian Product Grand Prix Award 2010
  • ELEKCTROcom Grand Prix Award 2011
  • Compliance with relevant standards: MSZ EN 61439/1-2; IEC 61921; IEC 60831; VDE 560
  • TÜV certified equipment 

Most common fields of application: 

  • Small factories
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Petrol Stations
  • Office buildings

Technical specifications

Nominal power:
from 8.75 kvar to 150 kvar
Nominal voltage: 
400 V
Max. voltage: 
1.1 Un
Max. current distortion: 20%
Mains frequency: 50 Hz
Protection class:
IP 20, outdoor version IP 54
Ambient temperature:
-20...+40°C "D" temperature class
Electronicon, MKP 1,25 kvar, 2,5 kvar, 5 kvar, MKPg 10 kvar, 12,5 kvar, 25 kvar 3 phase, Un=415 V, PCB free
Discharge resistors:
Internally connected
Microprocessor controlled, with continuous digital cosφ display
special capacitor switch
wall cabinet, powder-coated RAL 7035 light grey
Dielectric loss: 
≤ 0,2 W/kvar
Target cosφ: 
0.5 capacitive and 0.5 inductive digitally adjustable
Current transformer: 
Voltage signal: 
Internally connected
Relevant standards: MSZ EN61439-1; 61439-2/2011; IEC61921:2003; TÜV approved APPROVED 
TÜV certificate number:MK 69249379 0001

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