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KRL-IND type power factor correction cabinet for capacitive loads

Power Factor Correction system with a shunt for compensating capacitive loads. It is possible to design fixed, manually operated, automatically controlled, multi-stage, and mixed equipment with shunt reactor and capacitors.
KRL-IND type power factor correction cabinet for capacitive loads

KRL-IND type benefits and field of applictaion

Why to choose the KRL-IND type power factor correction units?

  • To reduce power factor and improve system efficiency 
  • Efficient reactive power compensation at capacitive loads
  • To reduce energy losses for fast ROI
  • Shunt reactors with low loss and temperature switch (switch off at 132°C)
  • Long expected lifetime
  • Choosable top or bottom side connection options
  • Protection: IP 20, IP54 on request
  • Top quality components from premium manufactures
  • Fuse swich disconnetctors for each step
  • Compliance with relevant standards: MSZ EN 61439/1-2; IEC 61921; IEC 60831; VDE 560
  • TÜV certified equipment 
Today's increasingly common uninterruptible power supplies, inverters, and lighting ballasts with rectifiers and smoothing capacitors are capacitive. Many consumer premises are capacitive all year round, except in summer when operating air-conditioners make the network inductive.

Based on the ratio and extent of the capacitive and inductive consumption periods, we also manufacture automatic devices for connecting shunt reactors and capacitors to the network, which switch the shunt reactors or capacitors as required, based on a custom design. In permanently capacitive consumption areas, a manually operated shunt reactor can be used.

Technical specifications

The low-loss, vacuum-dried, and impregnated copper winding, three-phase detuned winding withstands peak voltages and provides long operating life.

If the operating temperature exceeds 132°C, the coil can be disconnected from the mains using the built-in thermal relay.

Technical data: 

Power of detuned stage:1-1,5-2-2,5-3-5-7,5-10-15-20-25-30-40-50 kvar
Nominal voltage:400 V
Frequency:50 Hz
Construction: iron core, vacuum impregnated resin
Protection: IP 00
Insulation class:T 40 E
Connection: terminal or rail
Insulation level:3 kV
Inductance tolerance: ± 5%
Relevant standards:EN 61558-1, EN 65158-2-20

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